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Nah bra

These were not that amusing, and the poor voicework didn't help.

It was hardly about 40k at all, mostly bland jokes shoehorned into the theme.

For something like this, there were too many 13-year-olds doing voices, which took away from this greatly.

The graphics were nice, but not enough to redeem the entire presentation.

This mostly feels like it was made by people who only played the videogame adaptations of 40k, and knew little of the fluff outside of them.

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Ech, rather subpar

The jokes weren't that funny, really. The only scene I could say even got me to crack even the slightest smile is "GRAAA."

The animation wasn't too bad; better than many other shitty sprite flashes that find their way to Newgrounds, at least. You tried a few minor-but-important effects like lip-syncing, but these could still use a bit of work.

Sunrie responds:

Tried? More like did. The only reason the lip syncing looks odd in one of them is the transparency effect. Trust me, I'm one of the better lip syncing people.

You know what they say: Can't please everyone. It's really too bad that I couldn't give you a better time while watching this, but that's how it is at times.

At least you feel it's better than many other sprite Flashes on here, however, I do notice the back handed nature of your comment ("other shitty sprite Flashes", meaning this is a shitty sprite Flash...I can only conclude you do not like sprites in general).

Man, I'm a sucker for those YuGiOh jokes.

I've gotta say, I really liked it. The whole thing was pretty funny, and didn't totally rely on pop-culture-based humor, and what little there was was suited(dur-hur pun) and of good taste.

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Don't make us pay for half a flash game.

The game is alright, but I(and likely many others) kindly ask that you don't bother submitting anything else that will require paying real money for half the game.

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Great game

I like the system.

If a sequal is planed, character custemability would make it superb!

Not a character style I'm normaly fond of, but you managed to make it look different. The backgrounds are nice also.

Most games on Newgrounds that use a Double Dragons/Battle Toad/Littlefighters fighting system just seem to lack in some places. but in this peice of work, you kept everything rich and alive. Sure, it's a little repetive, but aren't all games? I havn't get board of this game yet.

Good choices of music, it fits the theme. The sounds are also well insync.

For a fighter, there's not too much, and not too little. Sure, there's no blood, but blood would make this game a but uglier. Not much to say about it.

Good gameplay, good controles, many of character choices, each with different Specials. As I said earlier, character custemization would make it perfect.

Gota love the way the enemies die.

With a few more choice gameplay elements, this game could posibly share the same fate as Alian Homonoid.(sp?)
Never give up hope.
~Ekoi Panot

Toccuma responds:

Thanks, I think charicter custimability is a great idea, It just needs tweeking, most people just end up going the "sets" of items, eliminating the purpose... perhaps accsesories like sunnies would work... ^-^

One of the better tuts I've seen.

No crappy mp3 going on in the background.

Simple, stright to the point.

Working examples.

Stayed on topic.

Gave other things that are useful to RPG styled flash.

It. Works.

You win 5 internets.

lolbno responds:

Thx for the review

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Good so far, but...

It feels like it's missing a bit of something.

Maybe try adding some more bass to it.


When you finish the entire soundtrack of Sonic 2, may I use them for my project?

It's basicly a compleat remix of Sonic 2. =D

Metaljonus responds:

Sure man i'll send you a message.

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Wrong section.

This isn't Pixel art.

Wrong section.

This isn't pixel-art.

Wrong section.

This isn't Pixel art.

The wonderful fantastic Purple.

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