To those who care.

2009-12-03 15:08:34 by Ekoi

If you need an Orky voice for whatever project, I'd be more than happy to help.

"Big Star 2: A New Sun" Released!

2009-04-01 01:40:31 by Ekoi

Soar your way through the stars in the super-mecha Big Star once again as the terrible Big R has risen again, but this time with a more devious plan for domination!

Unknown to our mecha-piloting hero, a new terror awaits in the midst of space, biding for time to grow into a force dangerous enough to consume entire star systems with ease!

Arm your Star Buster and many other upgrades as you take on the threats to the galaxy!
Discover all new super attacks, such as the devastating Star Crusher!
Earn special transformations such as the Star Atomizer, which allows for speedy interstellar travel and fast-paced dogfights!
Unlock extra characters to play their side of the story, and for use in special two-player co-op missions!

Ha hah, fucking yeah right. Like I'll ever finish that game.

April fools, ya buncha lousy runts.

"Big Star 2: A New Sun" Released!